16th May, 2016

Bistro Dom



Bistro Dom. When you walk into this restaurant, it is one long narrow hallway with one long bench and tables all the way down to the end, where the kitchen and bar are tucked neatly in the back. The décor is modern, upmarket and the place has a great ambience. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bench and the lighting is dimmed. Perfect setting for a special occasion or romantic meal.


With the menu being obligatory that you choose at least 2 dishes per person, this is a place you come for a sit down meal and to be taken care of. The service was incredible with a great attention to detail. All of the food has been foraged or sourced locally and the menu changes and adapts to what is available.

The night we went in was a very quite night, with only one other table and so we got extra special treatment. Even though it was a quite night, the place did not feel empty as it is a very welcoming space and quite cosy.


Before we began the meal, we received the most exquisite canapé of salted potato crisp, fetta cream, dehydrated plum and fennel flower. It was exceptional. Next we had the house made bread and butter which had a beautiful crunchy crust and thick dense bread inside. It was incredibly moreish.

To start I ordered the smoked Kingfish, which comes with avocado cream, toasted almond chunks and slivers if radish. It was beautifully presented. Layers of thinly sliced smoked kingfish which gave it a very meaty barbeque flavour, avocado cream dotted on top, smoked toasted chunks of almond which added an incredible crunch to the dish, then the radish rounds and decorative flowers. It was a very generous portion and the flavours and textures went so well together, a very balanced and well thought out dish.


Main course was one of the most unusual dishes I have seen on a menu. It is not often that I order a vegetarian option for a main course but on this occasion, I could not resist.

Fermented and roasted cabbage, potato, smoked mushroom and salsa verde. The potato mash was so creamy and soft, it was like eating a cloud. This covered the plate and was topped by whole leaves of fermented red cabbage. The top leaves were charred from roasting and this was topped with whole smoked mushrooms and a very rich salsa verde was poured on top.

The flavours and textures of this dish were also truly incredible. Cut through the thick meaty layers if cabbage and fill your fork with a combination of this, creamy mash, meaty barbeque smoked mushroom and a parmesan rich salsa verde. The mix of saltyness from the fermedted cabbage, buttery mashed potato, smokiness from the mushrooms and a very earthy parmesan salsa verde, it was a match made in heaven. I could have licked the entire plate clean.

Moving to dessert and again a very innovative dish. We ordered the caremalised banana and white chocolate. The presentation was beautiful, almost too pretty to eat (almost!). A banana was sliced lengthways and had a caramalised layer on top that cracks when you tap it with your fork. Slice through the crunchy caramel layer to the soft banana flesh below. Pile this onto your fork with some banana ice cream, rich white chocolate cream covered in grated white chocolate and pistachio and it’s a recipe for a moment in heaven. All the flavours worked exceptionally well together.

Overall, it was a truly exceptional dining experience and one that you walk away from perfectly satisfied. I cannot fault any part of it and would highly recommend this restaurant. I will most definitely  be back!


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