23rd March, 2014

Chia Seed Pudding & Healthy Snack ideas

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One of the things I find hardest about trying to have a mainly healthy diet is snacking! Its so hard to resist temptation! When your on the go, your bored, or that 3pm slump hits at work its so easy to just have a bar of chocolate or bag of crisps and they are so readily available!

So many times I have the best of intentions and have a healthy breakfast and lunch packed with me for work and then 3pm creeps around and you need a bit of extra energy, chocolate gets passed around the office and its so hard to resist!

If you’re already preparing breakfast lunch and dinner – snacks just seem like an extra effort to make so the following are delicious & effortless to have on the go.


Chia Seed Pudding
This is such an easy to make and delicious snack! The only thing is it has to set overnight so make sure you make it the night before.
Mix a tbsp honey, 3 tbsp chia seeds and a cup of almond milk together. Leave to set. Yep- simple as that!! Read more about all of the health benefits of chia seeds here.

Coconut Water & Fruit Popsicles
Get a popsicle mould (so cheap in any dollar/ euro store) and fill it with coconut water, strawberries, blueberries or any fruit you like! Add a drop of fruit juice for extra flavour.

Banana ‘Icecream’
I always keep some bananas in the freezer for this! Just take the banana out of the freezer half an hour before you want to eat it and blend it with a tbsp of almond butter. Tastes just like ice cream! You could even go mad and drizzle with some melted dark chocolate! #wild 

Sliced Apple with Almond Butter
This one is pretty self explanatory.. No? OK- Slice the apple and dip it in almond butter! So delicious!

Easy Substitutes
The following is a list of things I found really helpful when changing my diet. No matter what type of food you eat- any of these can be substituted really easily without noticing much change in the flavour of your food!

Coconut Oil
Used to replace Olive oil/other cooking oils. It has a higher smoke point which means the nutrition isn’t ruined by cooking with it and has many health benefits.

Almond Butter
To replace butter and spreads/ peanut butter. If anyone hasn’t tried it, its very simily to peanut butter and tastes amazing on toast or to dip fruit/ crackers or veggies into.

Almond Milk
To replace milk. I use this making scrambled eggs, pancakes, porridge or anything that I would usually put milk in and It makes a great replacement.

Coconut Water
Takes a bit of getting used to to begin with but once your accustomed to it it tastes amazing and is so hydrating. Great to replace any other fizzy drinks.

Virmincelli(Rice) Noodles
These are just like regular noodles but are gluten free, which is better for your digestion. Absolutely no difference is taste so its great for stir frys and curries.

“Quinoa is a gluten-free whole grain with a slightly nutty flavor. It’s high in protein and fiber, low in fat, and has a low glycemic index. It also contains folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and copper.” Kimberly Snyder
Its perfect to replace white rice or pasta.

“Stevia is an herb that also serves as a natural sweetener. It doesn’t raise blood sugar, and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and actually stabilize blood glucose.” Kimberly Snyder
Use this to replace sugar in baking, cooking, in your tea/ coffee and I use it to sweeten my green smoothies.

Another grain that is gluten free! Its available in most health food shops and I love the slightly nutty flavour. I usually add some blended basil, garlic and lemon juice to give it a pesto flavour and its delicious! Used again to replace pasta and rice.

Sometimes its hard to know where to even start when you want to improve your diet so these alternatives are great to improve it without even really trying! I know I found them really helpful anyway so hopefully you will too 🙂



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