Health Insider: Artificial Sweeteners – The Sweet Betrayal. This week we have Karley Neyenhuys of Complete You joining us once more! Karley has recently started her own blog where she shares delicious recipes and lifestyle advice. She is very kindly sharing one of those articles today. Karley is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Biologist and Health Educator based in Sydney.

Yes, that Diet Coke can be preventing you from losing weight. So when offered a sugar substitute that provides the same, and in most cases more sweetness, but no kilojoules, it’s pretty hard to say no.

You can have the cake, minus the kilojoules; it’s a no-brainer. More than likely if you have a high sugar diet, and switched to foods that are labeled “diet”, “low- sugar” or “sugar- free” because they contain artificial sugars, I am confident that you will probably lose weight. But what are the side effects? Strong research shows that, while consuming these products may be a short-term quick fix for weight- loss,  that eventually the body starts gaining even more weight.