So as I have mentioned on previous posts or if you follow me on Instagram, I overdid it quite a bit in the food and wine department over Christmas and the following month! I had such an amazing Christmas, my boyfriends family was over and so we had loads of great meals together, home cooked and eating out. We then traveled around Tasmania which was so beautiful and finished up in Melbourne! It was a great few weeks and I had some of the tastiest food ever on my travels.

As you can imagine, my body wasn’t too happy with me by the end and I was feeling pretty run down and sluggish. So I decided to do a 6 week detox/ cleanse! This is my first time ever doing a detox and I was scared!! Im the indulgent type and never deny myself anything so this is a serious eye-opener! Im happy to say 1 1/2 weeks are down and I haven’t cheated once 😉

The idea of the detox is for the first 4 weeks, Im cleansing out all the bad stuff – the build up of toxins, waste and bad bacteria. So I am having 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar before every meal along with some gut cleansing herbs I got from my nutritionist. Food-wise; I am off dairy, sugar, gluten, caffeine & alcohol! Phew! As many people are asking me, what the hell is left to eat?!!