I have learned so much from reading nutrition books and this has really changed my views on nutrition and self-care. I think its so important to keep learning and bettering ourselves. There is so much misinformation out there about nutrition, that if you do not learn some of the basics for yourself, how are you meant to make informed choices?

I think the food industry at the moment is like the tobacco industry in the sixties. Everyone smoked without questioning what impact this had on their health and just trusted the marketing that it wasn’t bad for you. It’s so sad that the food industry have the power to hide things and trick people into eating processed foods without clearly and honestly labelling their goods.

I know I was fooled for years. When I first read the research showing how dairy and meat can have terrible effects on peoples health, I though that was completely ridiculous. When I first discovered that the ‘healthy’ cereal bar I used to snack on had the same amount of sugar as their was in a mars bar, I was so angry!

I’m not hear to preach or pretend I know it all about food or try sway anyone on their decision making process, but I do think that people should be really well informed so they can make the decisions for themselves.

Below are some books and documentaries that have helped me come to my own conclusions. Hope they add some value for you too!