This week on #healthinsider is Karley Neyenhuys from Complete You. Karley is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Biologist and Health Educator from Sydney. I met Karley through doing the branding and web design of her newly launched website Complete You. It was such a pleasure working with Karley and she really has some great advice and recipe over on her website! It was Karley that gave me the most incredible restaurant recommendations when I went to Hong Kong.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you developed an interest in health?

I grew up with a family of swimmers, I literally knew nothing else but training 10 sessions a week, Friday night club and weekend competitions. Unfortunately, during my last year of school I got a serve case of Glandular Fever that developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This ended my swimming career. I focused entirely on school and getting into University where I studied science, health and fitness. My interest in health has only grown, to the point after many years of teaching and working in the area I have decided to create my own business ‘Complete You’ where I can teach the skills and knowledge needed to help others feel empowered to take control of their own health. Living a healthy lifestyle, not fearing food, and loving your own unique self is something everyone should try.